Writing the Holocaust – Authors’ Perspectives

Wednesday 14th October – Writing the Holocaust —Authors’ Perspectives

As part of our series of events on ‘Writing the Holocaust’, we will hear from: Second Generation Network Member Esther Saraga – Berlin to London: An Emotional History of Two Refugees, fellow member of the Second Generation, Debra Barnes – The Young Survivors, and journalist and author Jack Fairweather – The Volunteer. Esther and Debra will share their experiences of working with and shaping their family material and history into narrative form, and Jack will explain how he carried out historical research and reconstructed the story. Their presentations will be followed by a Q+A session, giving you the opportunity to share your own experiences of writing and researching your family’s Holocaust history. Start time 6.15pm for 6.30pm to give people time to set up and check their Zoom connection. Details of the eventbrite link will be included in the events email sent to Members. If you are not in receipt of these emails and would like to join the Network or to attend the event as a guest of the Network, please email davidwirth@secondgeneration.org.uk.