We are pleased to offer to Members and the wider community of interested guests a variety of events.  Presently all our events are on Zoom.  We will keep you posted of any changes, including the resumption of in situ events at the Wiener Holocaust Library. 

We offer a range of events – Discussion Group Meetings every other month, on a range of topics and issues of relevance the Second and Third Generations; Talks and Presentations followed by a Q&A, Panel Discussions and Workshops.  We also hold joint events with the Wiener Holocaust Library and other relevant organisations. Periodically we arrange or co-arrange conferences.  We are currently developing some workshop opportunities too.  We are open to suggestions; please do get in touch at if you have any recommendations or ideas.

Discussion Group Meetings are for Members only, on a specific theme or aspect of Second or Third Generation experience. Sometimes one of our Members will introduce the topic which will be followed by a group discussion.  We endeavour to keep the group small in number, fewer than 25 people, in order to provide an opportunity for everyone to engage and be heard.  All contributions are respected in what is a “safe space” for all.  The meetings are not recorded.  Examples of recent past discussion groups can be seen below and in the Archived Posts.

The Talks and Presentations are open to non-Members with a Holocaust background (some of our joint events with the Wiener Holocaust Library are open to the general public – if this is the case, it is indicated). We provide speakers or panels with particular specialities and expertise who during the pandemic restrictions deliver their presentations on Zoom.  These are followed by question and answer sessions.  These events are recorded and at a later date the recordings are made available for Members to view via the Members Page.  Examples of past presentations can be seen below and in the Archived Posts.

Over the past years, we have been involved in producing and supporting a number of Conferences, including the Generations Conference and conferences on the Kindertransport. Until the onset of Covid-19, we were preparing a conference on Internment.  Understandably, this had to be cancelled. As soon as the current restrictions are lifted and when it is considered safe to do so, we will once again explore conferences of interest.

New types of Zoom programming are currently in development and we are in the process of creating a writing programme with Nick Barlay, author of Scattered Ghosts, who has previously led workshops for us.