1st – 19th May – UK film premier Truus’ Children

Truus Wijsmuller, a recognised hero, is not a household name but will be familiar to anyone with a knowledge of the Kindertransport. A Dutch social worker, she was sent to negotiate a rescue deal with Adolf Eichmann. The first transport was possibly a joke by Eichmann but Wijsmuller was able to fill a train with Jewish children within a couple of days. She was allowed to repeat this regularly with no more than 150 children on each transport. She continued until the last ship left IJmuiden in Holland on 14th May 1940, the day The Netherlands capitulated to Germany.  Her efforts were instrumental in rescuing some 10,000 children — the Kinder.  Truus was one of the first rescuers honored as a Righteous Gentile (in 1966).
The Second Generation Network have arranged a time-limited viewing of the documentary with a donation of €10 (approximately £8.50) to the Truus Wijsmuller Archive.
To receive your private film viewing link register at:https://truus-children_tickets.eventbrite.co.uk