New Dialogue Group in Hungary being developed

The Holocaust and Afterward in Hungary

Barbara Heimannsberg wrote,
“Probably a knowledge of history in and of itself makes up a comparatively small part of one’s sense of identity.  More relevant is one’s relationship to history.”

Planning is now underway for a dialogue project related to Hungary. It will be composed of daughters and sons (and/or grandsons and granddaughters): of Holocaust victims/survivors/escapees/émigrés/resisters (Jewish,
Roma, Sinti, euthanasia, political, etc); and of Holocaust perpetrators/collaborators (Hungarian, German, Austrian, etc); related to the Holocaust period in Hungary.

This will be an intensive, interpersonal dialogue. This will not – not – be a scientific research project.  The duration will be several days. The location will be Hungary. The likely time frame is 2018–2019.  Languages will probably be mixed/varied (eg Hungarian, English, German, etc), with translation as necessary.

There will be: no fee; no religiosity (although religion may be a theme); no historiography (although personal historical events and narratives may be a theme); no presumption of psychopathology; no attempt to provide clinical psychotherapy (although some may perceive a
benefit); no political orientation or bias. There will be: basic, common agreement on just a few historical fundamentals (the Holocaust occurred, millions were murdered, a component occurred in Hungary, etc); a private, secure, small group of earnest individuals whose family legacies stemmed from varied sides/aspects/elements of genocide; and, participants who can both listen and
speak. The organizers are: Júlia Vajda: born in 1960 and raised in Budapest; master degrees in mathematics, sociology and psychology; PhD in sociology; Senior Researcher and formerly Professor of Sociology, Eötvös Lorán University (Budapest); participant in many projects related to identity, the Shoah, empirical methods in sociology; author of over 100 articles; and
Samson Munn: born 1952 and raised in the US; M.D.; Professor (radiology), University of California (Los Angeles), and Adjunct Associate Professor, Tufts University (Boston), Schools of Medicine; Fulbright Specialist in Peace and Reconciliation Studies; founder and long-time
facilitator of The Austrian Encounter; participant, ‘To Reflect and Trust’ (founded by Dan Bar-On). If interested, please contact:
Júlia Vajda:
Samson Munn:

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