Sunday 11th June – Third Generation: Dreaming of the Holocaust facilitated by David Polak

We are very pleased to announce our first stand-alone Third Generation event.

The unconscious transmission of Holocaust trauma across the generations is well documented. The Third Generation may find themselves dreaming in Holocaust imagery or manifesting other signs and symptoms of an unresolved trauma. Join in this discussion group to connect with others similarly effected. David Polak is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and grandchild of holocaust survivors. He regularly gives talks and facilitates groups on the theme of trans-generational trauma. 11:00 am
Tickets: £7.50 Limited spaces.
341-351 Finchley Road London NW3 6ET
Box Office: 020 7433 8988​
Book Online <[UNIQID]#.WNQCsRicbdc>

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