Sunday 26 November 2017 – Third Generation Discussion group at JW3

Sunday 26 November 2017

Third Generation Discussion Group with David Polak
Grandchildren of survivors and refugees are invited to join a discussion group in which to explore the significance of the Holocaust in our own lives. To what extent do the events of
the past impact on our identities, our relationships with the world and on our own sense of Jewishness? What sense or meaning do we make of our parents’ and grandparents’ experiences and how does this inform the ways in which we live our own lives today? We may leave with more questions than answers, but to join the discussion is to begin the search for a deeper sense of self.
David Polak is a psychotherapist and grandchild of survivors. He has led groups, given talks and been interviewed on radio: focusing on the concept of Holocaust trauma transmission
through the generations.

Tickets: £7.50 Limited spaces.
341-351 Finchley Road London NW3 6ET
Box Office: 020 7433 8988​

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