Intergenerational Discussion Groups at Limmud

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One of the workshops at 2018’s Manchester Limmud provided space for discussion between the First, Second and Third Generations: those who were refugees from or are survivors of Nazi persecution, or children and grandchildren of refugees or survivors. 

Such workshops proved popular at Limmud Festival in December 2017, with many participants attending such a discussion for the first time.

There is insufficient time at such events for discussion in much depth, so information is provided for those who would like to attend more regular groups of this kind (see elsewhere on this website).

Workshop facilitators at Manchester Limmud 2018 and Limmud Festival 2017 were Manchester-based Leah Burman and Barbara Dresner. Both have wide experience of working in such groups.

There are other sessions at all Limmuds that can be relevant to us too.

To book your place at any Limmud, or to offer a session yourself, see:

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